To gain hands on experience in the public relations and commutations fields in order to expand my knowledge and skill sets.


Hyatt Hotel Canberra                                                                                              Early 2010-late 2014

  • Working with clients from a diverse range of backgrounds at Hyatt as an events supervisor.
  • Working in high pressure situations with VIP clients including foreign dignitaries, royalty, Australian politicians including prime minsters and corporate executives from a range of large companies.
  • Hands on experience with managing staff and clients, learning how to read their needs and communicate solutions.


Working with ThermalTake Australia at conventions                                                  2013-2014

  • Working front of house in a retail style environment, learning about new products and how to communicate my product knowledge to the wider community.
  • Representing a brand at an expo and learning how to talk to individuals in with a marketing style approach.


Small Business social media development                                                                     2014-2015

  • Worked with a friend out of Melbourne on his start up business that focused on social media strategies for small businesses.
  • Ran social media for a range of small businesses including mechanics, and specialty car mods, as well as IT related brands.
  • Constructed strategies and sales pitches for targeting small businesses.


Marketing and community engagement project                                                        Early 2016   Perimeter Hotel Canberra                                                  

  • Worked with a select group as part of a industry experience project at the University of Canberra on the Marketing and community engagement strategy.
  • Strong hands on experience that included meetings with clients as well as a final pitch.



Bachelor a communications in public relations and                                                2013 – Present Arts majoring in Law and Marketing

Relevant course work

Communications in Public Relations

  • Principals of public relations
  • Public relations writing
  • Digital media literacy
  • communication evolution
  • Digital PR and Media relations
  • Corporate communications
  • Journalism and the Political process
  • Public Relations planning and practice
  • Communication in technologies and change
  • Public relations strategy: Issues and crisis management
  • Public relations Project
  • Democracy in the public sphere


  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Marketing management and planning
  • Marketing research methods
  • International marketing
  • Consumer behavior


  • Law and society
  • Business law
  • Cyber Crime
  • Information law
  • Human rights law
  • Environmental and planning law