I have pursued a broad double degree in a Bachelor of communication in public relations/Bachelor of Arts majoring in Marketing and Law. This degree has required me to learn variety of varied skill sets has enabled me to see what I enjoy, what I am strong at and most importantly what my capabilities are. I am interested in obtaining a full law degree upon completion of my current studies, although I don’t necessarily want to practice law, it encourages a more logical and process orientated mind set and will equip me with a tool set I can apply in any workplace.

Due to my previous experience with high end clients and customer service at the Hyatt I am comfortable being on the ‘front line’ of an organisation, communicating and building relationships with clients. I am capable of working with clients through digital avenues or face to face.

I aspire to work in an environment with a focus on making tangible changes to the world around them. As reflected by my multifaceted degree I am willing to work in any position that can take advantage of my knowledge and skill sets. Furthermore I am open minded and relish the opportunity to learn new skills necessary to improve or diversify my position.

Furthermore I wish to continue my studies in a full or part time position depending on workloads and opportunities. I look forward to rounding out my law degree as well as potential post graduate work.