Growing up in Dubbo, NSW a rural Australian town I was always exposed to a competitive hardworking “get the job done” attitude often associated with country people. This combined with a desire to expand my horizons and look to be apart of the world outside of county NSW lead to me graduating year 12 and moving to Canberra. I began work in a hospitality trainee ship at the Hyatt Hotel Canberra. I was always good with people, being able to small talk, understand and build relationships with almost anyone, even in my childhood. Although clients at the Hyatt were very different to the people that I was use to in rural NSW, I still was able to connect with them them. This allowed me to have strong professional relationships with clients of the Hotel. combining this ability with my competitive get the job done attitude resulted in a promotion within a year, to an events supervisor. As a result I was running events for foreign dignities, politicians and company executives at 19 years of age.

Aside from work I persuade my hobbies quite vigorously, in Dubbo the only competitive hobby was Rugby, a sport my mother was not a fan of, so I persuade videos games and chess. This resulted in me playing video games at a national level between 2013 and 2014. I was also asked if I could work on booths at conventions such as EB expo in Sydney and PAX Melbourne. My role was to show off the computer hardware products, and talk to like minded individuals to build knowledge about the brands I was representing.

I  am also a traveler and have through my trips obtained a more rounded and balanced perspective of the world. My trips include New Zealand, North America, West and Eastern Europe, Egypt and Turkey. These trips have helped me better understand different cultures, values and perspectives from people all over the world.